Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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ATTENTION: This MEETING'S FORMAT is being reviewed per ALANON WSO request for web based meeting formats to be in compliance regarding COPYRIGHTS and other WEB related issues. Initial indications suggest this process should be accomplished within a few months. Suggested changes to formats will be made in red should begin to be addressed by group conscience at the following business meeting.

A. Choosing readings: Keep it simple. Chairs have found it useful to use readings on step eleven, step three, serenity, or other subjects related to Higher Power, Letting Go, Turning it over to HP.

B. Reference your pages and literature.. People often want to follow up, re-read and work with what they hear. Please remember to indicate what Alanon book and page.

C. Duration of service as chair: We can chair for a max of 3 months. Then take a break. If you like chairing the meeting, you can always volunteer again.

D. During the last month of your term of service: Chairs please announce at the beginning and end of the meeting that this is your final month of service and a new chair is needed on ____ (date). Please leave your phone number or contact info so people can  contact for questions or to volunteer. Service times can be one to three months.

Format starts below

1) (INTRODUCTION:) Hi, my name is ____________________, a grateful Al-Anon member and your secretary/chair for this 11th Step Meeting. This is a 30-minute meeting, focused on improving our conscious contact with God as we understand God.  The readings are from Courage to Change, Hope for Today, or other Conference Approved Al-Anon literature (CAL) and will last about 10 minutes. After the reading, there will be silence until five minutes before the top of the hour for members to finish quietly. At five minutes before the top of the hour, I will indicate it is time to share if members want. We ask that you wait until that time for sharing. You can stay on the line after for fellowship, however the secretary may have to leave. Today I can stay on until ...

2) This 11th step meeting  has its business meeting on the first (Monday,  or Thursday ) of the month at 9 AM. 

And as a reminder: there are other autonomous 11th step meetings on this phone bridge 7 days a week at 8:30 AM on Sunday through Saturday mornings  and on  Wednesday at 10:15 AM  and Saturday at 6:00 PM eastern time. 

3) Al-Anon is fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. We have no expenses related to this phone bridge, but you  can send your contributions to WSO or make donations at face to face meetings. Our WSO ID is: 30567103.

4) Our format is available at the website: http://afg-phonemeetings.blogspot.com/.

5) (Chair reads if in last month of service) If you are interested to volunteer as a chair or as a temporary fill-in on this or any meeting please leave your phone number with the chair after the meeting. Time commitments can be up to three months.

6) OK...lets start with a moment of silence followed by the serenity prayer, you can join-in by pressing *1 to unmute yourself.

7) God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

8) Please mute yourself again by pressing *1 so the meeting can be clear of distraction.


9) Step 11 :  Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of God's will for us and the power to carry that out.
(should be: Chair reads step 11)

10) There are many, many ways to work the 11th step. Prayer, meditation, writing, painting, drawing or quiet contemplation are only a few of them. Running, walking, even washing the dishes can also be a way. Seeking connection to our HP has  to do with our intention, as well as our action. We hope you take this opportunity to connect to your Higher Power in whatever way feels best to you today. 
11) Let's begin by being grateful for our life today... and our ability to breathe... and... take a moment... and ...breathe, deeply .... and as you exhale slowly, let your entire being become relaxed..... let go..... and let God in. 

12)  Breathing is an incredible gift  from our Higher Power... We  have life with it and none without it... We  have some control over it,  yet  we cannot  control it  completely. We do know  that if we breathe  deeper,  fuller breaths, our body and hopefully our mind relaxes.

13) (if someone is still un-muted the secretary can press * 5 to mute the meeting, if they came in on the leader code)

14) Today I am reading from.... (state what al-anon literature and pages.)

15) (Begin... reading sentences slowly and gently. After each sentence and  paragraph pause briefly.

16) (Closing Reading: After you finish the reading , read any closing paragraph below, then go to paragraph 22.)

17) (reading one) This is the end of our reading , let's close with this thought on our HP from Hope for Today p.365: Read sentence 3 paragraph 2 starting with..." I feel… and ending at the end of the paragraph.

18) (reading two) This is the end of our reading, let's begin our quiet time with this thoughtfrom Hope for Today p.269: Read last sentence of paragraph 1 starting
with…"The more…and .ending with the 3rd sentence of paragraph 2...trust You."

19) (reading three) This is the end of our reading, let's begin our quiet time with this
thought from Hope for Today p.365: Read last sentence of paragraph 1 starting with…"What I….ending with the 2nd sentence of paragraph 2...my responsibility."

20) (reading four)This is the end of our reading, let's close with this thought from Courageto Change (pg 338): Read last paragraph. .)

21) (WEEK Five)
This is the end of our reading
, let's close  with this variation on Let go and let God...  ...Let's let GO , just for a few moments, all of our stuff:  our worries, concerns, problems, joys, careers, possessions, qualifiers,  etc. .. Let all that go, putting it in God's hands...and then ...relax ... and open your heart and mind and
  Let God in..  asking for the willingness to be open to God's will for yourself and the power to carry that out. 

 22) (SILENT PART) We now begin the silent part of the meeting, you are welcome to continue quietly on your own, aware that you are joined with the community of other members of this room who are also seeking to improve their conscious contact with God as they understand God.

23) ...Please wait until five minutes before the top of the hour for sharing, I will indicate when it is time for fellowship to begin.

24) (....silence...)

25)  (AT FIVE MINUTES TO HOUR:)..( speaking gently)...ok ... .This is the end of the silent part of the meeting...Thank you all for joining us...May you become increasingly aware of your Higher Power's love for you.

26) As a reminder: this 11th Step meeting meets on Sunday through Saturday at 8:30 AM  and Wednesday at 10:30 AM  and Saturday at 6:00 PM eastern standard time.    It is now time to share if anyone wants, or you can finish your 11th step work on your own... (pause)...I can stay on the line until…(indicate time) .  

(if Chair's duration of service is a MONTH OR LESS,  remind members that  a new chair is needed  by a certain date and leave your contact info for questions or for individuals to volunteer.)

27) ..Is there anyone who would like to share? 

28) (when there is a pause in the sharing)  ask if anyone wants to join you, close with the serenity prayer and say good bye.)

Please Note: Format changes and updates for this    
meeting should be emailed to: 12comments@gmail.com